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life is a Set of Problems. And without doubt, we have to Face Our Problems. As Engineers,They called us “Problem Solvers”, and that’s our Real Purpose of Exist.
-At IEEE PES Helwan Student Chapter, we have the Same Mindset, To Solve Our Community Problems.
-Water is the Elixir of life. Simply, Water is Life. To provide it in our Agricultural Lands, we need a Mechanical device called “Pump”. This Device Takes the Water from the underground to Water Sprayers in order to Irrigation using Electricity as Powering System.
-The Problem is that Some Lands didn’t have an Access to Electricity. So, there is no any Powering System to Pumps and Consequently There is No Irrigation. There is No Agriculture.
-So, we have decided to build a Mobile Device that Powered by Solar Energy and Have a Pumping System Inside to Irrigate Directly.
- A Device Like this only needs Sun Radiation in Morning and will have the PROBLEM SOLVED! And by introducing this Solar-Pumping Car, We made TeXight!


Our first step to start TEXIGHT Journey was Technical sessions how to do a solar pumping car to do a texight mission

Technical Presentation 22/4

Our teams after finishing their prototypes we start a presentation day to make them leaders and help other students to learn them how we make a solar pumping car and collect more points for competition day it also was an important day because it as w PES DAY we find that the best thing to share that day with our technical presentation and more technical activities