IEEE PES Membership Program

The IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) embraces planning, research, development, design, application, construction, installation and operation of apparatus, equipment, structures, materials and systems for the safe, reliable and economic generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, measurement and control of electric energy. It includes the developing of engineering standards, the providing of information and instruction to the public and to legislators, as well as technical scientific, literary, educational and other activities that contribute to the electric power discipline or utilize the techniques or products within this discipline. The society sponsors various conferences throughout the year, including the PES General Meeting and the International Conference on Power Technology.

IEEE PES Careers

PES Careers is an online service that helps connect you with employers offering full- and part-time positions as well as internships and coops. Also,PES Careers is an online service that helps employers meet their power and energy engineering workforce needs by providing connections to electrical engineering students with a demonstrated interest in the field.


IEEE Young Professionals is an international community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative members and volunteers. IEEE is committed to helping young professionals evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network. In addition, PES members who have received their first professional degree within the last fifteen years are automatically PES Young Professionals members. Currently, there are over 3,200 PES Young Professionals worldwide. The PES Young Professionals Committee is dedicated to better serving student members of PES and assisting PES Young Professional members in their transition to corporate life. This committee is currently focusing on the following initiatives.

IEEE PES Women In Power

PES Women in Power fosters a more diverse leadership by supporting the career advancement, networking and education of women in the energy industry. Our goal is not to simply increase the number of women in the power industry but to promote women into leadership positions as well.
PES Women in Power serves ambitious, professional women in the power and energy industry who are looking for leadership positions and career advancement. The skills, networking and mentorship that are offered benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are engineers, attorneys, policy makers or accountants.